Remote Viewing Videos by CarlosX

Here are remote viewing videos of CarlosX attempting to access information about the future using the technique of remote viewing. Using the below Sony digital camera I was able to take videos of various attempts by CarlosX to extract upcoming events from the ether. My accuracy is much less using remote viewing than with astral time travel. Perhaps I am using the TRV protocol wrong. RV was once a top secret military tool, but is now available to the public. Instead of thinking of it as remote viewing, I prefer distance learning or better Distance Operator Transmission (DOT).

According to Ed Dames the military used RV to spy on the enemy. This technology is now available to common ordinary citizens to use. We can see far away places not only in distance, but also in time.It is fun RVing a target.

Here is a TRV FAQ VID

Sony Digital Camera

RV Lotto

My first video on remote viewing lottery is an attempt to locate a lotto number in the future. I will have to see how close I come to the actual number. It seems this tech is poor at getting lotto numbers. Here is more information on remote viewing lottery. Some say remote viewing lottery is impossible. That could be. It is very hard to get numbers using RV. If you want to RV lotto start with cash3 instead of the pick six. It is easier to get cash 3 than lotto. Next is a video of remote viewing lottery.

Remote Viewing The Lottery Video



The digicam on top was used to record this video and then it was placed on the web. I think more people should post remote viewing videos on the web and share their experiences.

RV is fun. It allows you to travel without leaving your room. Strange how it allow you to see the future and the past.

It is interesting to see event that take place in the future. We will attempt to get information about Foreign Exchange in the future. We will pull the data directly from the active matrix where this information is stored. Remember this future does not exist yet, but this is a probabalistic cloud that contains the seeds of an emerging future that will soon crystalize. Steven Gibbs told me it is not a good idea to get information for financial gain, bad karma he said.

calculator used  for remote viewing forex


Using RV to access Forex is what the next video is about. Remote viewing forex is an attempt to grab data about exchange rates in the future. This information may be inaccurate so please do not use it to base decisions. It is my early attempt at using remote viewing of a financial nature. Since it is hard to get numbers, I will look at a graph when remote viewing forex.

All my remote viewing information is free to the public, I do not charge money. This video on remote viewing forex will be an example of an early attempt to use RV for information retrieval on the US dollar.

Remote Viewing Forex Video

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