Remote Viewing Lottery

The following is an attempt of remote viewing the lottery by CarlosX who has previously tried to do so using astral time travel via the HDR.

lotto ball
But does remote viewing lottery work? Well, this is another attempt this time using coordinate remote viewing of the results taking place. The main object is a large sign with the lottery results posted on it. The goal is to use remote viewing the lottery to grab the numbers from the future and play them in the present.

It so happens that there is a man by the name of Brian Ladd who uses precog dreams to get lotto numbers, but he does not remote view them. Distance and time mean nothing in remote viewing as we can see tommorrow as clear as yesterday.

digital voice recorder used to tape results of remote viewing lottery
Sony Voice Recorder

Remote Viewing Lottery - Audio

This is my first audio file on remote viewing lottery This is my attempt to find the future lotto numbers. We may yet see how close I can come to the winning lotto number. Ed Dames says remote viewing lottery is impossible because we cannot see using RV letters or numbers. Perhaps, but I still try. Inventor Steven Gibbs told me that you get bad karma if you use his HDR to win the lotto, but I do not use the HDR for RV.

Remote Viewing The Lottery Audio



The digital recorder on top was utilized to record my voice and how I obtain numbers for the lotto using my technique for remote viewing lottery.

There are companies that sell kits for remote viewing the lottery. I have not tested this kit so I cannot say how good it is. I do it is very hard for me to see numbers in the future. This ability is one that requires training and a lot of energy. I am tired after an RV session.


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