Future City

Using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator I have been able to astral time travel to the future and see the architecture of the far beyond. In that distant tomorrow cities look quite different than they do now.

Future City
Future City

According to the inventor Steven Gibbs, future cities use a crystal based technology and in the days to come people live on the lunar surface.

Not sure what life is like for these lunarites or shall we call them moonies? I have seen that the harsh cubicle rather square structures of the late 21st century are replaced by more rounded fluid organic forms in the 22nd century. These dome shaped future cities predominate in 2150. These are in turn replaced by pyramidal structures in the 23rd century.

After that people start to live underground. In the year 2625 I saw no structures above ground except for a few old houses maintained like a museum, but the cities were underground and massive in size.

It is very interesting what happens in the future. We finally get over our problems and start to build a new society without all the conflict we have now. Astral time travel is a tool to see the days ahead that awaits us and for Finding out what happens in the future.


If there was one item that I would bring from the future it would be a teleporter. They are small in 2625 about the size of a credit card and in a flash you can go anywhere and anywhen.

This would be like me taking a solar powered calculator, like the one on the left back, to the 1920's. Even though people in the 20's listen to jazz music on a record player, watch airplanes go overhead, and now have electricity. The thought of an adding machine powered by the sun would blow their minds. No battery needed, just type in the numbers and it adds them for you. Oh, it would ROCK, jazz them I mean.

I got the little calc on the left at the dollar store for one dollar. In the 1920's huge electromechanical adding machines were sold for hundreds of dollars and people that repaired them made good money, how things have changed, and will change.

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