Finding out what happens in the future

We are curious as to how events will unfold in days to come. Let us me tell you how to jump ahead and catch a glimpse of the road we will soon travel in days ahead. Using Astral Time Travel it is possible to obtain imformation about what lies beyond. Yes, get the scoop on what will soon take place.

Just like you can tell weatlher by looking at the clouds and know that a storm is approaching, so in a similar way, you can look at future events using astral time travel and see what is in the cards for the future. Let's see.

For example, today CarlosX went astral and saw that travel will be restricted in the future.When this happens it will be good to be outside the city and with plenty of supplies like food and fuel which will be hard to come by in the chaotic near future.

Eventually everything gets sorted out and people live together in peace. We need to learn how to live together.

Inventor Steven Gibbs, the great man of our day, does supply us with the tool, the HDR, to see future events. Astral time travel is like a chronoscope that allows me to see the future. It helps to know what comes next.

The key is to get that information out to the public. Yes, out in the open so people can benefit from it. How do we benefit? OK, think of a weather forecast. You hear about heavy rain and a hurricane. You cancel the picnic. I can tell you the future is no picnic. Dark clouds are on the horizon and getting closer.


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