What is Time?

You watch the hands on the dial of the clock slowly move to count off seconds, minutes, and hours. A clock is a chronometer that measures time, but what is time this strange concept of us moving from the past to the present to the future?

clock to measure time
Think of an hourglass and each individual grain of sand that falls as a chronon - a tiny particle of time;. except; that time is not a particle, it is a wave, like an ocean wave, or more precisely a river because time flows. Our river has in it you and a clock. Your now is constantly flowing from the past into the future. Time travel is real because you are moving through the fourth dimension right now!

Think of a chronology, each timeline is but a stream flowing slowly always into the future.

If we split this stream by going back in time and changing an event there are now two streams, the original and the modified one. This is to prevent a paradox, like the Grandfather Paradox. If the timeline did not split you could in theory go back and prevent your grandfather marrying your grandmother, therefore you would never be born and then could not go back.

This paradox is used by debunkers to "prove" that time travel is impossible, but we know that time travel is possible because we see the clock move. The earth is not flat, it is a globe that spins and when I jump it does not move under my feet. Time flows and we flow with it.

According to the inventor Steven Gibbs, the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, allows people to alter the rate of flow along the fourth dimension. This is why he calls it a Time Machine.

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