Tools for Locating a Vortex 



There are many methods for finding a vortex. Some are high tech like using an EMF meter to detect a magnetic anomaly, but some are very low tech, like using a simple pendulum.

1) Dowsing with pendulum to locate magnetic anomaly

Pedulum for finding a vortex

Instead of using the rubbing plate of the hyper dimensional resonator I will sometimes use a pendulum to find the rates. The pendulum can also be used to find a vortex. L-Rods are made using bent coat hangers to look for magnetic anomaly or  vortex. Dr  Enst Hartmann, a German MD discovered a Grid type vortex that is called the Hartmann Grid. This is a magnetic vortex that is created when two Hartmann Girdlines cross.

Audio Finding Vortex



2) L-Rods form an X over a grid point

Also more bulky than a pendulum, L-Rods are another method of dowsing for a vortex. The L-Rods will cross forming an "X" when you are over the vortex.

According to inventor Steven Gibbs positive vortex will send you into the future, while a negative vortex will send you into the past.

These occur a few feet away from each other and are circular in shape..

L-Rods form an X over a grid point

Near a vortex I find ant hills and lots of bugs, also nothing grows in that bare patch of land. So I can tell if I am over a vortex. Often I will feel nausea and dizzy over a vortex. Dr. Hartmann says that being over a Hartmann grid for too long can cause cancer. It is a good idea to limit your exposure to a vortex.

Find Vortex Video