Under HDR

Imagine seeing our future where you can view vistas of a brighter tomorrow. I use Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR to see what is coming. Many may want to ignore the present and not worry about our future, but by seeing what is coming we can prepare for it. I notice that nobody posts a picture of the underside of an HDR so here it is. Most people are vague about the future, but I give names and dates.

Instead of vaporous phantasms, the future is crystal clear, and by using an HDR unit I do astral time travel to see what is coming down the pike and will soon be part of our world. Yes, we help create our future, but it is important to realize that many events are difficult to change. People are lazy and the hard work required to convert away from our current way of doing things to another is going to make tomorrow look a lot like today. Still, you will see a gradual change in how things are done. What I do is use an HDR over a grid point vortex.

The promise of a time machine is that it can take us on a journey to the far beyond. Although the technology is not that complex, many doubt it is can be done, but someday we can time travel to a that wondrous shiny bright luminous land that lies ahead.

For an idea of what me may be living in view CarlosX future Robot Repairman.  This is about a world filled with robots and clones. What is coming down the pike.

We should get greener solutions to our world and using Astral Time Travel it is possible to see how to avoid mistakes and create a more sustainable structure.


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