Time Travel Fun


Why is time travel fun?

1) See events that happen in the future

Steven Gibbs says that he has used time travel to see what lies ahead. It is not a crap shoot. The future is also not written in stone. We can change it.



One way to see the future is to do astral time travel.  

According to Steven Gibbs the HDR can be used for astral time travel.

2) See people from the past

History lessons come alive when you see George Washington elected president, or the Hindenberg burst into flames. Why read a book when you can see it happen?

3) Explore the choices you make

Perhaps you always wanted to be a doctor, but wonder how you will feel being around the sick all day. Spend a day in the far beyond seeing your future self in the hospital of tomorrow. What are all those strange machines? 

4) Is your girlfriend/boyfriend the one for you?

The future holds many mysteries. Perhaps you want to see where you will live. How many children you will have.

5) What does the future look like?

You will see many odd looking machines with strange sounds, and what's with the weird architecture?