Steven Gibbs uses 21' gauge copper magnet wire to build the electromagnet. He also uses inside the box a Tensor Coil or  caduceus coil with is a type of bifiliar winding. See more on Bifilar Coils. These tensor coils were first mentioned in a patent by Tesla when he was creating electromagnets. Much of Steven Gibbs work is based on Tesla tech.

According to the inventor Steven Gibbs, it is the caduceus coil that makes the HDR work. The Tensor Coil / Caduceus Coil produces scalar waves that interrupt the flow of time, causing a time warp.

There are many people who report strange effects when around a tensor coil. Effects such as missing time and levitation of heavy metal parts. Not sure how scalar waves work, but it is different than the laws of classical physics. It appears that tensor coils may be responsible for some of the weird effects I get using Steven Gibbs HDR.

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