Rising Red Star

We see in the Western Hemisphere a coming red century with the rise of communism. With Marxist Daniel Ortega taking over in Nicaragua joining Chavez of Venezuela and the infamous Fidel Castro in Cuba only 90 miles from the US coast. And left leaning Lula in Brazil joins the happy trio. Meanwhile, on May 1, 2006 Leftwing President Evo Morales of Bolivia nationalized all gas reserves kicking out foreign oil companies, in oil rich Ecuador, lefty Chavez puppet Rafael Correa leads the country to greater integration with Venezuela.

1) Communist will soon merge with Muslims

Red Star of communism

Sometimes it seems that I repeat myself, but for many years I have warned people that communism lies dormant like a disease, awaiting us to lower our defenses so it can re-emerge and regain its virulent strength.

Let us not forget that Putin is an Ex-KGB officer that is slowly turning Russia into a gulag. We owe our present state of affairs to money hungry republicans who outsourced our high paying jobs to Red China were workers are paid 50 cents an hour. Closed down heartland factories to move them to Red China, who has nuclear missiles pointed at the very heart of America.

Take a look at the all products in Walmart over 90% say "MADE IN CHINA". The so called free trade laws are aimed at destroying the industrial strength of the United States while it builds up Red China.

Who but a traitor would do such a thing? To sell out our country to the enemy, for a few pieces of silver...


But the game ain't over yet. Soon, you will see radical militant Muslims joining forces with their communist brothers to fight a common enemy, the United States. It is freedom and democracy that the reds hate. Expect the Saudi royals to fall soon and be replaced by anti-American militants spewing hatred toward the US and Israel.

Russia and China are working hard on helping communist movements throughout the world. The money we send to China every day is used to destroy us.

They want to bring back the bad old days of the Soviet Union.

Radical Red Moon rises over the west

2) Red Century

The goal of the reds is a global totalitarian dictatorship, a prison planet, were a few rich live in the lap of luxury will the mass of poor is enslaved. They talk about helping the poor, but they want the poor in chains, like in the bad old days of the Soviet Union.

With stale rhetoric the reds talked about helping the poor, but instead they put the poor in gulag prison camps, while the party elite enjoyed their dachas.

If we do nothing, the 21st century will be known as the Red Century, that sad time when communism took over by offering the workers a proletariat paradise, but delivering instead chains.

3) What to do?

We need to see that we are being sold out by our elected officials.  They have taken away our rights with the so called "patriot" act, shredded the constitution,  and they have bought into the idea of creating a world police state to keep us "safe".  We want freedom not safety. We want liberty not slavery.

Our elected representatives need to stop the flow of American jobs to Red China. No more talk about "outsourcing". We need to have companies pay a living wage. Right now, major corporations are using slave labor in Red China. We need to put pressure on elected officials to stop slavery. If one person is a slave, we are all slaves.