Future Music Prediction

Using Steven Gibbs HDR I have heard future music. It sounded like a transformer overheating, or trance techno on acid, but that was another timeline. Sadly on our timeline there is no music in the future. People are just too busy looking for food to even learn how to play a simple musical instrument such as a drum, let alone a piano. The violin is quite complicated and in days to come, skills that do not directly contribute to human survival are soon weeded out. The few people that do survive, place an enormous premium on basic needs such as food and keeping warm. Sadly, they see beautiful bird song as noise.

Girl Playing Violin

In the future, music is as popular as jousting is now. Nobody cares about Mozart, let alone the Beatles or Elvis. In fact, these are soon forgotten. How many great knights do you remember? How many champion jousters?

And yet at one time the whole town, why even the king was watching the tournament, but alas those days are no more.

We can thank inventor Steven Gibbs, for information about the future. I am sure most of it will be unpleasant. Change is often painful, and in the future things will change, immensely compare to now. Expect to see the fall of an old empire. Meanwhile, new empires rise. People will focus on skills they need to survive.

Expect a future with no music. Often what we desire is not what we see. Life can by an interesting journey. Tomorrow is similar to today, but not the same.

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