Future of Gambling

You may wonder how things will be in the days that follow. Things will be quite different, and our world with its emphasis on money and power is no more. The gambling casino offer instant riches, but delivers instead poverty to those unlucky enough to fall prey to its lurid lure. Like a moth attracted to a flame, the bright lights of Vegas lured many to financial ruin.


Still, the spirit to take chamces and explore is still aroumd, however, instead of games of chance people in the future play games of skill. I have seen in our time how a gambling casino can drain a community of its resources. It does not contribute to the welfare of society, but promises instant riches with little effort. A promise that does not come true in the cold light of day.

Therefore, the future of gambling is not some super technological slot machine, or a revolutionary new roulette wheel, but instead people in the centuries that follow will see our behavior as exotic, much like we view the ancient tribes of Easter Island who spent all their resources building giant stone heads.

Steven Gibbs told me that some people have bought the HDR for use in gambling. They want to see future lottery numbers. I can tell you they have not been successful. The misuse of HDR can bring karmic retribution on those you attempt to cheat their way into riches. The gambling casino is a place for suckers to lose their money.

Hopefully, we can help create a better world, one where people work hard to make things that endure, instead of dreaming of a false mirage of instant riches.

I plan to create a list of time travel links like those inside FluxCap.

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