Future Factoryversity

smart car

Imagine yourself inside a future where you get to create green products in a small  scale factoryversity that is a fusion of a factory and a university. The future requires us to use high tech robotics and other sciences to expand our reach.

Using nano particles we can create small fuel efficient vehicles to transport us in the world of the future.  

Instead of the old smoke stack factory we will have a new modern clean factory that uses an innovazone and green tech to help build the tiny energy efficient vehicles, like the smart car, that will help transport us into the exciting world of tomorrow. In fact, our road ahead has many potholes and problems, but together we can travel toward that brighter day that lies ahead.

Find out more information about the factoryversity and how manufacturing takes place in the years to come when you read CarlosX Robot Repairman.  This is a new view at what the world looks in the 2150's. Many changes will take place in the years ahead.

People need to think outside the big box car and focus on smaller and greener solutions to our problem.

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