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Future Church

Many people do not realize how different the future will be. Although people in that far tomorrow will be more spiritual than now, many of the large buildings that now stand will fall. It is the end of big biz, big guv, and yes the megachurch. Large organize religion is no more. People are all more in tune with small. There are small towns and some people will get together to discuss religion, but the tele-evangelists of today are no more.


Small is all

Many see the future as a time of flying cars and floating cities, but few understand that the people who live in those far flung days of futurity are also quite spiritual. Gone is the scientist creating bigger war machines, gone is the executive outsourcing and downsizing. And likewise gone is the used car salesman preacher that only want to get money. By having smaller more personal places people learn how to live in close knit communities.


Churches in the Future

When you see the empty cathedrals with a few old ladies inside you know that the age of the big church is over. after the hypercatastrophe, few will even want to remember the old ways. The big house mentality of the church is replaced by a smaller simpler model. Gone is the giant structure. It is replaced by a new way of thinking. The old ways are gone. The church joins the king's castle as a relic of a bygone age.


Castles are no more

The age of kings had is giant castles that peasants had to work for long and hard. It was expected that a few would live in the lap of luxury while the many in dire poverty. The king wanted to scare people into paying tribute much like modern megachurches scare little old ladies into handing over their property so they can enter heaven.

We see a world where the rich preacher tries to scare the congregation into forking over the money. He says that if you do not you are robbing God and that you are a thief. Actually, the crooked one is him. Believe it or not many of those preacher do not believe in God, because if they did they would tremble in fear. 

Most people think that what we see now is the future, but the days ahead are very different. We will see a new world.

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