Comparison of two animes (Chobits and Metropolis 2002)

Basically both are a story about - boy meets girl.

In both stories a Japanese boy goes far away on an adventure and meets a cute blonde robot girl.

Hideki from Chobits is a farm boy from Hokkaido who travels to Tokyo and finds Chii (robot girl) in the trash. Kenichi from Metropolis is the nephew of a great Japanese detective; he travels to the giant city of Metropolis and in the sewers finds Tima (robot girl). Both heroes teach the robot to talk and to read books and both fall in love with the cute blonde robot girl.
Look at the comparison. There are two robot girls and two young men. Well, neither of these two boys have even had a girlfriend ever. Hey, that cannot be a good sign. What can we even say.

Still, there are many differences. In Chobits anime our boy Hideki has a real loving relationship with Chii. In the anime Metropolis 2002 created by Osamu Tezuka (famous for astroboy) the boy Kenichi from Metoroporisu (Japanese name for Metropolis) seems to like Tima because she is cute. Also in Metropolis the rich and powerful are evil as in Duke Red and President Boone are both seen as evil, however in the anime Chobits the rich shown as Minoru the boy genius billionaire and Yumi's father owner of My Pleasure Pub are both shown as kind and helpful. 

The retro future noir of Metropolis seems like a scary nightmare with the rich against the poor. In contrast in the world of Chobits seems more like a pleasant dream. The robot girl Tima of Metropolis acts quite different than Chii the android girlfriend in Chobits. Tima hits Kenichi and treats him bad, in contrast Chii hugs Hideki and cooks food for him. She even gets a job in a bakery to help with expenses. Tima seems made of metal - more hard and mechanical. She is more like a cold heartless machine.

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