Aliens plan for earth

UFO alien head

I went to the website which is about alien abductions. In it Seattle scientist Michael Minkin talks about how ant-like space aliens are coming down in their UFOs and abducting children and doing experiments on them. These experiments include tagging the children like cattle with brain implants. One of these children called Ariel has drawn many pictures of her abductors and their spaceship. In some of these pictures Ariel is strapped to a table while aliens do experiments on her. She talks about playing with hybrid children that are part human and part alien. These aliens are commonly referred to as the "Grey" believed to come from the fourth planet around the star Zeta Recticuli.


Michael Minkin has developed a special hat to stop abductions. He says the hat stops the aliens from telepathically communicating with humans and that it helps prevent abductions of human children and adults.
Apparently Michael Minkin thinks that the hat can jam the frequencies the aliens use in the brain implants of human subjects to the mothership. The velostat strips in the thought screen helmet will prevent the greys from locating the children abductees and taking them aboard the alien spaceship for experiments. These hats are made free of charge to people suffering from abductions. Michael Minkin believes that the aliens want to take over the earth and replace humans beings with soul-less human-like hybrids.


Using Astral Time Travel, I have seen many alternate timelines where aliens have integrated themselves successfully into human society. There were no problems, except for a few racist humans that hated the aliens and hybrids. Most people got along just fine with the aliens. They lived among us, going to the grocery store, the mall, baseball games, etc.

I do not believe that aliens want to invade us; with their superior technology they could have easily done so many years ago. If they had wanted to destroy us we would not exist now.

From my talks with people who claim that they have been taken aboard alien craft, it seems that the aliens are afraid that human society would crumble if they move too quickly. They want to slowly get us ready and prepare us for a time when we will all be together in a sort of galactic confederation.
We have much to learn from them and hopefully they from us.

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